Kristine Jackson
Christine Jackson
Head-shot with pastel colors

“I started out as a trumpet player and band leader in my late teens to early twenties. Around 2004 I taught myself how to play guitar and started singing when I  turned my writing journals into original songs. Since then music has been my full-time job. I tour consistently, I write constantly, and never stop working on my craft. As a kid I dealt with abuse and in many ways music saved my life. It allowed me to release anger and sadness as a child and now as an adult it allows me to connect and continue to heal. 

A few things I’m proud of... 

One, to have opened for some of the biggest names in music. 

Two, that many tracks from self produced albums have found their way to BBKings Sirius XM radio show. 

Three, in a leap of faith I started touring in the winter months to Florida’s Gulf Coast where I found a new audience for my original music. 

Four, in 2019 I represented the Northeast Ohio Blues Alliance in Memphis, TN for the  International Blues Competition where I placed in the Semifinals as a solo artist.

It’s been a journey of musical exploration, triumphs, and setbacks. And now in 2020 I feel like I’m just hitting my stride and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”